MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 14, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SourceForge, a Geeknet (Nasdaq:LNUX) website and the leading resource for open source software development and distribution, today announced it has launched its new forge development platform. The new forge is highly flexible and extendable, making software development more efficient.

Forges are an important part of how companies work with open source developers, providing an environment for collaborating on software design, writing code and exchanging ideas. SourceForge's new forge provides a completely redesigned set of tools, including: the issue tracker, wiki, source code management, and discussion system. In addition, the new forge offers considerable flexibility, by allowing developers to integrate and use third party tools directly on the platform.

"Our new forge was written from the ground up. Many of the new features and functionality we built are the result of input we received directly from the community," said Jeff Bates, VP, Products, Geeknet. "In addition to the redesigned tool set, the new platform also allows third parties to connect their own developer communities with the global open source development community on SourceForge."

Adobe Systems Incorporated has created Open@Adobe, the first instantiation of SourceForge's new platform. Open@Adobe is a site aggregating Adobe's openness programs, which includes source code hosting, such as the Adobe® Flex framework, and contributions from Adobe to standards organizations, as well as specifications. By utilizing SourceForge, Adobe benefits from SourceForge's new forge platform and large global community, while saving time and resources required to maintain a large repository of code and documentation.

"Working with SourceForge gives us the chance to tap the innovative energy of one of the world's largest open source communities," said Dave McAllister, director of Open Source and Standards at Adobe. "By aggregating the Open@Adobe technology and materials on the new platform, we give open communities and open source developers even better access to these resources through the ecosystem provided by SourceForge."