ECONZ Wireless, a leader in Mobile Time, Attendance and GPS Tracking applications, today announced a partnership with TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS), a world leader in highly reliable and secure mobile communication technology, that will allow users of ECONZ Wireless’ flagship timecard program to access turn-by-turn directions through the main screen of the application.

The timecard program allows workers to capture their time, attendance, job tasks, breaks, and cost codes all within a single application. Previously, users were required to access GPS through a separate navigator application. With the new TCS integration however, users can now access location based searches and driving directions directly within the program without having to leave the Timecard application.

The new functionality was developed using the TCS App2App platform which enables developers all across the globe to access TCS’ complex navigation system, and create software that utilizes GPS and turn-by-turn directions. The App2App platform extends the utility of a wide range of applications on the mobile phone, helping to make them location enabled. The end result is a streamlined and simplified mobile experience for the user. Econz is one of the first programs showing the platform in use.

“The integration of the two applications has significantly improved our users’ experience,” said Harry Lane, VP of Channel Sales at ECONZ Wireless. “The ability to launch the Navigation application from Timecard's main menu, dramatically improves the usability of both solutions, and creates new value for our users.”

“The App2App platform was designed to give developers the chance to use our navigation services in their own innovative ways,” said Doug Antone, Senior Vice President of TCS’ Navigation and Telematics Group. “Adding in app navigation to ECONZ’s Timecard application was a perfect example of the utility of TCS’s App2App platform, and shows the diversity of applications that can benefit from navigation.”