TheStreet's Moritz vs. MarketWatch's Willard

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- MarketWatch's Cody Willard was surely among those chanting "great quarter guys" as Intel ( INTC) and Adtran ( ADTN) blew past second quarter financial targets late Tuesday.
Earnings Smackdown

The drama was heated after the bell Tuesday as Willard and Moritz squared off on Intel and networking gearmaker Adtran. Moritz was $4,000 short on the two stocks. And collectively, Willard staked $8,000 of his $10,000 total pretend allocation on the long side.

Willard saw Adtran as part of "a major spend cycle to build up the wireless networks you use for your iPad, iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and wireless cards."

The big beat-and-raise performance from Intel and Adtran pushed the shares up 6% early Wednesday, giving Willard a solid opening day for his five stock portfolio.

For TheStreet's Moritz, it was a shot to the chin. Moritz went short Intel on the hunch that weakness in Europe would put a hole in the numbers. Moritz had $2,000 of his fake money on the bet. At the market open Wednesday, Willard's portfolio was up 6% and fittingly Moritz was 6% in the hole.

This is the second match between Willard and Moritz, who picked five stocks of companies that report earnings this week. The trader with the highest gains at the close Friday will walk away the winner.

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