Restaurants Woo Diners With BMWs, Ferraris

By TravelsinTaste

LAS VEGAS ( TheStreet) -- Diners with a need for speed can now enjoy quality meals in high-octane settings. Some restaurants across the country are giving diners the chance to experience the world of Lamborghinis, BMWs and other high-end cars from their dinner table. TravelsinTaste sought out some of the most interesting.

If you've worked up an appetite while shopping for a new car, head to Dal Toro Ristorante at Las Vegas Sands' ( LVS) Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. The restaurant is part of Vegas' newest Lamborghini enterprise: a unique, $30-million-dollar complex that includes the nation's 110th -- and Las Vegas' first -- Lamborghini dealership.

Restaurants in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York are luring diners with classic cars.

At Dal Toro, decorated glass walls separate the restaurant from the showroom and provide a salivating view of some of the world's most exclusive sports cars. The diner in you will appreciate that you can dine either indoors or outdoors. The consumer in you will appreciate the opportunity to sit near modern-day masterpieces crafted by the likes of Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and McLaren.

If purchasing a new car isn't in the cards, it's still worth walking through to grab a quick bite or look around. In addition to being a state-of-the-art car gallery and full-scale Italian restaurant, the complex also features an espresso cafe and a boutique.

Restaurants in Chicago and New York have also dabbled in high-octane dining.

Diners in the Windy City had the opportunity to dine in style among high-end cars a few weeks ago. For Father's Day, the Chicago-based bistro Balsan gave dads a chance to get behind the wheel of one of BMW's latest models during the restaurant's signature brunch.

After enjoying a three-course meal at the restaurant, located in Chicago's Elysian hotel, diners could head to the courtyard to take a seat in one of five new BMW models: the 2011 5 series, the M car, a hybrid, a 550 Gran Turismo and a 760 Li.

Last year, dads in New York had the opportunity to enjoy a similar afternoon at Cipriani on Wall Street. For just over $2 million, car enthusiasts were treated to a brunch for up to eight adults at Cipriani Wall Street and a 200-point membership in the Classic Car Club of Manhattan. The membership included up to eight days of driving bliss in one of the cars from the club's classic fleet. The cars included the 57 Porsche Speedster and the Nissan GT-R.

-- Written by TravelsinTaste.

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