TORONTO, July 7, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Highland Solar, the exclusive Canadian distributor for Westinghouse Solar, today announced it has sold 150kW of solar panels in June alone now that the Ontario Power Authority has steadily increased its pace in approving applications for its Feed-In Tariff ("FIT") program.
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Solar power systems from Westinghouse Solar - a new company formed through a partnership between Akeena Solar (Nasdaq:AKNS) and Westinghouse Electric Corporation - are proving to be one of the most sought after panels for Ontario homeowners.

"Solar power is providing homeowners with a secure investment in their future both from a financial and environmental perspective," said Highland Solar President, Sean McCrae.  "Westinghouse Solar Power Systems make it easy for homeowners to go solar by offering the reliable, high performance technology they want from a company they know and trust."

Ontario's Power Authority (OPA) recently launched a Feed-in Tariff Program to create incentives for renewable energy in Ontario.  With this program, the OPA is working to encourage the development of clean energy projects under 10kW across the province.  Owners of these projects will be paid a fixed price for the electricity they produce over the 20 year term of the contract.  This fixed price, currently at $0.802 per kWh, is set at a level intended to enable project owners to recover the costs of the projects with a reasonable rate of return.

"Canada's commitment to solar, particularly through Ontario's clean energy incentive program, is creating a strong market for solar," said Barry Cinnamon, Westinghouse Solar CEO.  "Through our distribution agreement with Highland Solar, our reliable, high-performance Westinghouse Solar Power Systems give Ontario homeowners the opportunity to take control of their electrical bills."