Hot Online Jobs Stand Apart From Economy

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- The Internet standard known as HTML5 (supported by Apple ( AAPL) to the exclusion of Adobe's ( ADBE) Flash), geo-location and cloud computing are the fastest-growing outsourced online jobs, according to, which sets up businesses with independent contractors.

Geo-location freelance jobs rose 10-fold in the second quarter from a year earlier, according to the report, which credited the rise in popularity of location-focused sites such as FourSquare. Geo-location is finding the physical location of something or someone electronically.

HTML5 jobs had an eight-fold jump in the wake of the release of the Apple iPad and iPhone4. Amazon ( AMZN) Web-services jobs climbed five-fold, according to the report, which added that "anything related to hosting services over the Internet has seen an impressive increase."

And mobile-phone applications, or apps, jobs rose four-fold, driven by the popularity of smartphones.

The hot-jobs report stands in contrast to trends in the country's labor market. The expansion in U.S. service industries, the biggest part of the economy, weakened in June, a report said yesterday. The nation lost jobs last month for the first time this year, a report showed Friday. The jobless rate stands at 9.5%, compared with the 2008 low of 4.8%.

But while the report reflects hot industry trends, it doesn't necessarily indicate that freelancers will strike it rich immediately. The average gig on pays less than $200. reported its findings based on a user base of 1.6 million freelancers and employers.

On the following page are the 10 fastest-growing online job categories in the latest quarter, according to

1. Geolocation -- up 909%

2. HTML5 -- up 721%

3. Amazon Web Services -- up 446%

4. Mobile-phone applications -- up 282%

5. Jobs related to ( CRM) -- up 250%

6. Amazon Kindle -- up 216%

7. Auditing -- up 208%

8. Apple iPad -- up 191%

9. Google ( GOOG) Buzz -- up 126%

10. Transcription -- up 124%

-- Reported by Carmen Nobel in Boston.


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