The Bank of Glen Burnie is alerting consumers about an email phishing scam designed to look like an online expiration warning from The Bank of Glen Burnie. The email informs customers that their account will be deleted if they do not update it by July 2, 2010. Consumers are urged to click on a website link to update their online account. This is a scam. The link goes to a website login, which looks exactly like The Bank of Glen Burnie’s login page, but is not associated with The Bank of Glen Burnie. Customers are asked to provide their username and password. That information actually gets sent to a scam artist and anyone who provides this information is at risk of identity theft.

The Bank of Glen Burnie’s web site is The Bank of Glen Burnie has not, and does not, request personal information in an email.

If you believe that an unauthorized person has accessed your Bank of Glen Burnie account, call 410-766-3300 or 1-800-870-8612.

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