Willdan Group, Inc. (“Willdan”) (NASDAQ: WLDN), today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Willdan Homeland Solutions (“WHS”), in conjunction with Ebbert & Associates, is currently providing support to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response efforts along the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

“The likelihood of a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast and threatening the Deepwater Horizon oil spill recovery teams requires complex contingency planning and preparation,” said WHS President and Chief Executive Officer, Vic Thies. “Our expertise in communication and emergency planning will support the efforts of the United States Coast Guard, British Petroleum (“BP”), and state and local agencies in the event of a hurricane evacuation.”

“Willdan Homeland Solutions is proud to have the opportunity to do our part; we are ready to assist with this extraordinary effort in any way we can,” Mr. Thies added.

Faced with the prospect of multiple hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard–led Incident Command (“IC”) Houma (one of four Gulf Coast Incident Commands reporting to its Unified Command in New Orleans, Louisiana) contracted with Ebbert & Associates to support the Deepwater Horizon oil spill emergency response effort. WHS will provide hurricane evacuation and re-entry planning support, as well as a communications plan linking all response organizations in the IC Houma operational area. The National Incident Management System/Incident Command System–compliant plan was developed in coordination with BP, the Coast Guard, and state and local agencies. It will ensure effective communications and support the continuity of operations that is required in the event of a hurricane evacuation and subsequent re-entry.

About Willdan Homeland Solutions

WHS provides homeland security, public safety, and emergency response services that focus on integrating local resources and assets within state and federal systems. With extensive hands-on experience in local, state, and federal law enforcement, as well as fire and related public-safety organizations, its outstanding professionals have served as incident commanders, emergency managers, first responders, and investigators. WHS serves a wide variety of clients nationwide ranging from municipalities, counties, and state and federal agencies to the private sector and non-profit organizations. Its clients include utilities, water companies, school districts, port authorities, police and fire departments, as well as transit agencies.