Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:SY), an industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, today announced the availability of its SQL Anywhere® 12 database and synchronization solution. SQL Anywhere is optimized for mission-critical database applications running outside traditional data center environments requiring little or no onsite IT support. The newest version of SQL Anywhere provides major new enhancements including support for storage and synchronization of spatial data, iPhone devices, and large-scale synchronization environments; and new self-management features.

Sybase continues to set industry firsts with SQL Anywhere 12, core component of the Sybase® Mobility Platform - the industry’s first and most expansive framework of best-in-class mobility servers, mobile applications and mobile services to empower enterprises to transform the way they connect to their customers and enable their employees. Sybase is the first database vendor to offer database and synchronization support for iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile Smartphone devices as well as the first to offer spatial data support in its mobile database and synchronization platform.

"SQL Anywhere is a best kept secret among more than 20,000 developers who relish its ease of embedding and minimal database administration," wrote Merv Adrian, Principal Analyst, IT Market Strategy. "With its already expansive following and existing strength in healthcare, retail, financial services and government markets, and marquee customers with large deployments such as the 2010 US Census, China Customs, and Pepsi Bottling Group, SQL Anywhere is poised to extend its leadership further."

More than 10 million users have benefited from applications that have been deployed by ISVs who rely on the SQL Anywhere embedded database server to power their business critical systems. SQL Anywhere 12 continues to add self-management innovations, addressing the evolving requirements of solution providers across many vertical markets.

“PAR's PixelPoint POS Restaurant Software is one of the few hospitality applications that uses a commercial-grade SQL engine—SQL Anywhere—to drive the entire suite of applications. Our customers need software that is easy to use, has flexibility to fit their business model, and most importantly has appliance grade reliability,” said David Paiva, CTO at PAR PixelPoint, developers of a full range of independent to enterprise size restaurant POS software solutions. "The scale out components, migration process and multi-programming adjustments now available in SQL Anywhere 12 are second to none. While new features have been added, Sybase has made the features we already love simpler and easier to use. SQL Anywhere is absolutely key to the reliability, scalability and ease of use of our application. It's been rock solid.”