S&W Seed Company (NasdaqCM: SANW) today announced that it has kicked off its first-ever national advertising campaign with radio ad spots commencing today on KMJ NOW News Talk Radio (KMJ 580 AM and KMJ 105.9 FM). The ad spots, created and placed by advertising agency Shea-Campbell & Associates, will air for 13 consecutive weeks and are designed to educate local alfalfa hay growers in California’s Central Valley on S&W’s high yield, non-dormant, salt-tolerant alfalfa varieties that can be grown even in the harshest growing conditions.

The Central Valley is home to one of the agricultural industry’s most prolific alfalfa hay producing regions. Among all U.S. crops, alfalfa is third in value, after corn and soybeans, generating more than $8 billion in sales per year. California produces nine percent of the nation’s alfalfa hay, harvesting over seven million tons annually. There are a number of factors a grower must consider when selecting the ideal alfalfa seed, including yield ability, dormancy type and heartiness; specifically, the plant’s resistance to potential disease and pest issues. For Central Valley growers, another critical factor is salt tolerance. S&W’s plant-breeding efforts have been directed at creating salt-tolerant seed varieties capable of surviving very high salinity, while at the same time producing very high yields.

To hear S&W’s first radio ad spot currently airing on KMJ, please click on S&W Seed Radio Spot. To view the ad script, please click on S&W Seed Radio Spot Script.

Beginning in July, a related print advertising campaign will begin, with ads featured in several industry trades serving key agricultural markets throughout California and the southwestern region of the U.S. In addition, the Company is developing an inbound marketing strategy that will utilize popular social networking tools to generate even greater awareness and appreciation for S&W’s seed products and seed cleaning and processing capabilities, as well as to attract broad media attention to the Company’s efforts to mass produce stevia leaf in the U.S.