Meru Networks, Inc., (NASDAQ:MERU), the leader in 802.11n virtualized wireless LAN solutions for enterprise networking, today announced a complimentary 60-minute webinar event entitled, " iPhone’s Wi-FiTM Meltdown: Wake-up Call for Your Enterprise," on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT.

The webinar is hosted by Craig Mathias, principal at Farpoint Group along with Ram Appalaraju, senior vice president of marketing and Joe Epstein, senior director of technology for Meru Networks. The speakers will provide participants with a frank and revealing analysis of how the microcell wireless solution used at the Apple WWDC event may have failed the iPhone 4 launch, as well as discuss the solutions available to proactively detect and prevent such a failure from happening when building large, robust and reliable wireless installations for high-density environments.

“Enterprise dependence on wireless communications is growing, not just for the convenience of having a mobile network, but for accessing applications that are critical to the very success of the organization,” said Craig Mathias, principal at Farpoint Group. “The challenges inherent in assuring consistent performance on wireless networks are real, but can be addressed when the right service assurance mechanisms are put in place. This webinar will help enterprises identify and resolve the performance issues that could potentially have far-reaching repercussions for an organization’s business.”

The webinar will cover the tools, techniques, operational strategies and the overall wireless architecture required to achieve a predictable and stable wireless environment. This session will specifically discuss how participants can:
  • Achieve service assurance with 99.99% availability
  • Handle high-density environments without problems
  • Proactively detect and resolve network issues
  • Deliver toll-quality voice and high-quality video at scale
  • Make the right architectural choices for mission-critical WLAN

“The well-documented collapse of the conference center’s microcell wireless network during the Apple iPhone 4 demonstration should serve as a wake-up call for IT departments across all vertical industries,” said Ram Appalaraju, senior vice president of marketing at Meru Networks. “The reality is that these types of failures take place every day on enterprise networks, yet they are avoidable. As more and more users begin tapping into the wireless network to access business-critical applications and services, it is becoming increasingly more important for companies to invest in the infrastructure needed for a consistently high-performing Wireless-like-Wire user experience.”