That's probably enough from the department of subtlety. The No. 4 new BP logo idea edges to the more extreme end of response to the BP oil spill.

No. 4 really pushes the envelope in representing the bad, the ugly, and the downright violent impulses from otherwise good people that have been stewing in the Gulf and about the Gulf, from an "ass to kick" to a "boot on BP's neck" to the more questionable end of the violent BP oil spill images.

Some of the BP failed methods for controlling the oil spill sounded downright violent, from the "top kill" to the "junk shot" to the "overshoot," yet they all demonstrated the high-tech efficiency of a slingshot or potato gun.

It's a little surprising, in a good way, that public anger over the BP oil spill has not turned more violent. There were reports of a protest in Los Angeles turning into a violent altercation between police and citizens in late May, but for the most part, the American public has behaved in a way that makes BP's behavior look even worse.

President Obama has changed his tune during the oil spill, from telling Larry King that he wasn't the one who should be "yelling and screaming" to bypassing verbal attacks on his hunt for an "ass to kick."

All in all, though, while there has been lots of angry testimony in the Gulf region and the inevitable boycotting of BP gas stations, America has remained Beyond Paroxysm. It's a fine line between good behavior and a feeling of helplessness, though. With more recent attacks being laid at the unhinged door of BP centered on failure to pay claims to those economically devastated by the oil spill, the quiet can seem ominous, too, and the prospect of an unhinged Gulf coast population not hard to imagine.

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