Given the general helplessness felt by the American public -- aside from the actually crippling effect on the Gulf Coast economy -- playing around the with existing BP logo has become a way for the average Joe familiar with a Mac or Adobe Photoshop to vent a little BP-frustration.

All these new BP logo ideas, though -- evoking death and destruction of unquantifiable proportions -- can quickly become pretty depressing.

New BP logo idea No. 5 must come from the more peace-loving side of the anti-BP graphic design-literate.

It's nice to have a flower or two in among the carnage.

What's more, even amid a situation that calls for flagrant anger -- and in President Obama's words, the hunt for "ass to kick" -- subtlety has its place, and this new BP logo idea evokes one of the all-time great marketing campaigns in U.S. history.

Those of you old enough to remember the 1970s might recall a public service announcement that featured a Native American canoeing through polluted waters, paddling past a frightening industrial backdrop, and finally standing at the side of a highway to have a passing car hurl a bunch of litter at this feet. The Native American actor turned to the camera and shed a single tear.

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