Biblical miracles often rain fish to feed the masses, but this manmade storm, coming in at No. 8 among new BP logo ideas, tells the simple tale that the fish are dying. X marks the spot of the tragedy.

From the biggest fish, the whale shark, which feeds in Gulf of Mexico waters during the summer, to the already endangered bluefin tuna, which uses Gulf of Mexico waters as a spawning ground, many fish species are threatened by the oil spill.

There are 28 species of whales and dolphins in the Gulf, a majority of which inhabit Gulf waters year-round, according to conservation group Oceana.

The evolving wildlife toll in the Gulf of Mexico would require an advanced course in marine biology to track, from spiny lobsters and all sorts of marine bivalves to oysters and fish larvae.

One of the more surprising finds among the BP logo suggestions submitted to is that the Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, or some type of turtle, was not a popular choice for new BP logos. A British bookmaker recently put the odds of the Kemp's Ridley sea turtle going extinct as a result of the oil spill as an odds-on, and arguably unethical, wager.

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