LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE), a Las Vegas based provider of Internet marketing services for small businesses, announces the launch of InstantAgency®, a suite of powerful online advertising and marketing tools that give small businesses access to agency quality at an affordable price. InstantAgency simplifies online marketing while increasing marketing presence.

LiveDeal customers are small business owners who work 24/7 to deliver real value to their customers in their own communities with little time left over to craft the powerful, multi-faceted, online marketing and advertising programs that today’s world demands. LiveDeal has stepped up to this challenge, drawing from a decade of experience as a directory provider, to launch the first two products in InstantAgency’s suite, InstantProfile® and InstantPromote®.

InstantProfile enables small businesses to advertise online effectively and communicate powerfully with their customers. Subscribing to InstantProfile gives the small business owner advertising and customer communication options that they can manage themselves, including distribution to the top Internet directories, search engine submission, and the ability to broadcast announcements on some of the most popular community and social networking sites.

For small business owners looking for more than basic advertising and trying to figure out how to eliminate wading through a complex and confusing array of advertising choices, InstantPromote acts like an agency at a fraction of the cost with agency-level access to social media, mobile devices, and online advertising. InstantPromote provides the marketing expertise to reach and retain customers and save almost 75% of the price of individually purchased products and services.

Kevin Hall, President and COO of LiveDeal, commented, “We are committed to develop and deliver online and other related services that meet the needs of our small business customers. We understand their need to have compelling and cost-effective ways for them to reach and retain their customers. Our first two InstantAgency services, InstantProfile and InstantPromote, give our customers the choice of a range of effective online marketing and advertising services from basic to full-service at a price that makes sense for them.”

About LiveDeal, Inc.

LiveDeal, Inc. provides local customer acquisition services for small businesses to deliver an affordable way for businesses to extend their marketing reach to local, relevant customers via the Internet. LiveDeal delivers website creation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), video, and other online marketing tools as part of its InstantAgency suite of products. These products and services are dedicated to delivering agency quality online advertising at a fraction of the price of a traditional online marketing agency. LiveDeal, Inc. is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, please visit

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