SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 2, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Symyx Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMMX) today announced the release of All New DiscoveryGate—a powerful, easy-to-use portal for accessing a wealth of scientific information through the Web. In its initial release, All New DiscoveryGate speeds chemical sourcing and reduces costs by providing the fastest, most comprehensive tool available for assessing compound availability and comparing compound prices across more than 890 suppliers in the world's most popular sourcing directory, the Symyx Available Chemicals Directory (ACD).

"All New DiscoveryGate delivers information in the way scientists expect," said Randy Haldeman, senior vice president of Symyx's content business unit. "Scientists have long requested Google- and Amazon-like access to scientific information, and now they have it in a single, reliable portal. With ACD as the anchor tenant on the new DiscoveryGate site, we'll soon be adding reaction searching, additional databases, supplier rating systems, plus new commerce, community, and productivity tools for our customers."

For one-stop chemical sourcing with Symyx ACD, All New DiscoveryGate offers easy text searching by common identifiers such as MFCD numbers or chemical names, along with the ability to search by chemical structure. Straight-forward filtering of results facilitates price, quantity, and purity comparisons across all suppliers, enabling researchers to identify the most cost-effective purchases quickly and easily. Additionally, users can access a new online DiscoveryGate Forum facilitating customer and industry discussions.

Used and trusted for more than 20 years by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and agrochemical sectors worldwide, Symyx ACD is a meticulously curated chemical sourcing database containing over one million unique chemical structures, over three million chemical products, and over six million packages in bulk and research quantities. With a username and password, researchers can now rapidly build shopping lists of commercially available compounds from hundreds of suppliers worldwide—saving both cost and time.