Voxware, Inc. (Nasdaq: VOXW), a leading supplier of software for voice-driven warehousing operations, announced that Belron, the world’s leading vehicle glass repair company, has deployed its Voxware 3 software product at Laddaw®, one of the Belron® Group’s largest European distribution centres.

“We selected Voxware because they offer a packaged software product with a toolset for configuring voice solutions,” said John Cooper, Head of Logistics at Laddaw® “Our analysis pointed toward a significant productivity improvement by moving to a voice-driven, hands-free operation, but we also wanted an open and configurable software product to give us flexibility for the future to enable a global roll-out across our distribution centres.”

The Voxware 3 solution is integrated with the Belron® Oracle warehouse management system, and converts order data into voice-enabled assignments using business rules that are specific to the Laddaw operation. Because the products are automotive glass and glazing products, great care must be taken to pick items in the correct order to facilitate easy packing. By working hands-free, order pickers move faster, increasing efficiency and there has also been a reduction in product handling damage.

“Belron® had a well-conceived plan and knew what they wanted,” said Scott Yetter, Voxware CEO. “We are very pleased that Voxware 3 has proven itself at Laddaw®, and are working with Belron® to take voice to additional facilities operated by the Belron® Group.”

About Voxware

Voxware, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOXW), provides voice-driven software products that optimize the full spectrum of warehouse operations for greater accuracy, productivity and flexibility in supply chain execution. Voxware’s corporate headquarters are in Hamilton, New Jersey, with operating offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, and France. Additional information can be obtained at www.voxware.com .

About Belron

Belron® is the world’s largest dedicated vehicle glass repair and replacement company. Belron® is home to some 24,000 employees, all working together to bring the Belron® story to life. Our operations span 31 countries and five continents, making us a global business in every sense. Additional information can be obtained at www.belron.com .

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