ARTEC, Inc., (Pink Sheets: ATKJ), has improved Tubercin T-5 an immunostimulant. In the last two years, Artec asserts that Tubercin™ has improved significantly and tested in Africa, in the company’s opinion, with positive results on human patients afflicted with HIV/AIDS. Under strict confidential conditions, the results received were most encouraging. Artec is engaged in full pursuit of obtaining FDA registration of Tubercin™ in Africa.

With ample funding, the success of Artec is within reach. The steady support of Artec’s shareholders and associates has fostered its accomplishments. Artec thanks all the aforementioned for their loyalty and support.

Artec Inc. is a small entrepreneurial pharmaceutical company in a very competitive field of "Discovering Medicine" to curb HIV/AIDS and cancer. The costs involved are very steep and the challenges bordering on insurmountable. Artec has succeeded in coming this far where, in the company’s opinion, significant research for many years and billions of dollars spent have not. Artec thanks its partner Dr. Tai Ho Chung, his son C.C. Chung and Kyungpook National University (Seoul, Korea) for the patented baseline research prototype, Tubercin™. T-5. Artec looks forward to working together with Dr. Chung and C.C. Chung to bring this improved Tubercin to the world. Artec’s Leading Scientist, Dr. J.K. Park and his associates have also helped, in the company’s view, improve the efficacy of the new Tubercin. Artec also thanks Dr. J.K. Park and everyone working under his leadership and in unison with his association with them.

Artec is serious about the future. The firm has recently explored such issues as Permanent Headquarters; High Volume Manufacturing of Tubercin; and Developing a Vaccine for Prevention of HIV/AIDS yet Impacting HIV/AIDS and cancer. Artec’s progress in the next few months is considered critical for continued successes.

Artec is resolved to bring Tubercin to the market in the near future. Artec appreciates the continued support. The company will disclose more appropriate and specific information in the future. The confidential agreements do not afford Artec the liberty to disclose specific information at this time.

Forward-Looking Statements

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