By Roberto Pedone

WINDERMERE, Fla ( Stockpickr) -- Stock markets around the world right now are treacherous, to say the least. Volatility is spiking to extremes on an almost daily basis, and the major averages are swinging 1% or 2% like it's nothing. Even the best fundamental investors are struggling to figure this market out.

So how can you get an edge on the markets in the midst of this wild action? One possibility is to use technical analysis, a method of evaluating securities by relying on the assumption that market data, such as charts of price and volume, can help to predict future market trends. Technical analysis is in contrast to fundamental analysis, which looks to determine the intrinsic value of a security before buying or selling. By no means should investors ignore fundamental analysis, but one things fundamental analysis doesn't consider is the psychological influences of traders who are participating in a stock or market at any given time. This is where technical analysis comes in.

By looking at the charts, investors can get a snapshot into the mind of the markets. We can begin to find support and resistance, or where buyers or sellers show up in large numbers to defend a price point. Technical analysis can help give us that edge by discovering the chart patterns that give us the highest probability of success.

With that in mind, here's a look at some compelling charts that are piquing the interest of the Stockpickr community.

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Stockpickr user csyung submitted BlackBerry maker Research In Motion ( RIMM), which he is considering shorting with a target of $54 a share. There are a number of interesting things showing up on the chart for RIM. First, you have a relative strength index, or RSI, indicator that has spiked below 30 for the second time since last November, when the stock sold off down to $54. The RSI is a technical momentum indicator that compares magnitude of recent gains with recent losses in an attempt to determine overbought and oversold conditions of the underlying security.

Following that oversold condition in November, RIM rallied sharply to $65 in a very short period of time. Now the stock looks ready to find some near-term support at either $57.30 or possibly around $54.30. If the stock can find support at either of those two levels, I would expect to see another sharp rally off of oversold conditions.

If that rally comes, it might be best to sell the stock into any strength since there are still a number of bearish indicators showing up here. For one, RIM has broken below the uptrend line that started back when the stock bottomed near $54. Also, the stocks is trading below both the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Another bearish sign is the pattern of lower highs and lower lows since the stock hit its 2010 high at $76.95.

Stockpickr user drummerboy submitted diversified financial services company Fifth Third Bancorp ( FITB - Get Report). Looking at the chart, you can see that shares of Fifth Third are displaying a number of bearish indictors that should be capturing the attention of bulls.

One major red flag with Fifth Third is how the stock has now broken below the support line of the uptrend channel. This is significant because inside that channel, the stock was making higher highs and higher lows as the stock soared from $9 to $16 a share. Recently, Fifth Third hit major resistance at around $15 to $16 a share, failed to trade higher and quickly reversed lower and took out the uptrend line. This could be a strong warning sign to the bulls that the uptrend in the stock is over for now. Another problem with Fifth Third is how the stock has broken below the 50-day moving average at $14.03 -- plus, now shares are making lower highs and lower lows.

Shares of Fifth Third could find some near-term support at around $12 to $11.50, but I would expect that if the stock makes a run higher toward $13 or $14, those areas will become resistance where investors will look to sell the stock.

Stockpickr user kjp712 submitted independent energy company Gran Tierra Energy ( GTE - Get Report), which is engaged in oil and gas exploration, development and production. The chart for GTE shows a stock trading right around some previous support at $4.58 a share. In fact, just a few days ago, GTE hit $4.57, just one penny away from the previous support level, and the stock stop falling and even rallied a little.

Cleary this stock is in major downtrend since late April, but if it holds this major support level around $4.58, it could make for a low risk buy entry with a tight stop loss.

Stockpickr user Peter_near_Matanzas_Inlet submitted Netflix ( NFLX - Get Report), the subscription service company that streams movies and television episodes over the Internet and sends customers DVDs by mail. The chart for Netflix looks very bullish, to say the least. You can see that Netflix hasn't even lost the 50-day moving average, and the stock is still well within its uptrend channel that started back in February when Netflix broke out.

The stock has found some support in the near term at $90 a share and now looks ready to test some previous near-term resistance at around $108 to $110. This is a strong stock in a weak market, or at least a weak market of late, and this is clearly demonstrated by how the stock never broke any of its major moving averages as the overall market dropped for the last month.

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-- Written by Roberto Pedone in Windermere, Fla.

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