Apple iPhone: What Investors Want

Story updated with Apple share price.

CUPERTINO, Calif. ( TheStreet) -- It's that time again. In less than two weeks Apple ( AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs will take the stage at the company's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC), traditionally the launch pad for the latest, greatest iPhones.

With the world eagerly awaiting the successor to the iPhone 3GS, Apple investors have been telling TheStreet what they want to see at WWDC.

"From what I have seen of the rumors, the new iPhone is likely to satisfy my basic wish list: longer battery life, better processor, better camera, flash and multi-tasking," wrote Apple investor Scott Grannis, in an email to TheSteet. " But to me, the biggest issue that remains unclear (though I hope it is cleared next week), is when and whether Apple will build a version of the iPhone that runs on CDMA networks."

Talk of a CDMA iPhone, which would allow the phone to work on other networks, has swirled around Apple seemingly forever. Earlier this year, shares of chipmaker and CDMA specialist Qualcomm ( QCOM) rose when The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was planning an iPhone capable of running on Verizon's ( VZ) CDMA network.

In the U.S. AT&T ( T) is still Apple's exclusive iPhone partner.

"My real dream would be that Apple incorporates Qualcomm's Gobi chip into the iPhone," explained Grannis, who writes the Calafia Beach Pundit blog. "That would allow the iPhone to operate on any and all networks around the world. This would be a major development."

As one reader wrote on the TheStreet's message board this week, "if Jobs says 'CDMA' the stock will skyrocket."
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RBC analyst Mike Abramsky has even forecast that Apple will sell 23 million of the redesigned iPhone this year. This figure includes the arrival of a CDMA-based iPhone, "but not necessarily at Verizon this year," said Abramsky.

Investors, understandably, are keen for any shred of information on this subject, although it remains to be seen whether Jobs addresses this issue at WWDC.

"I will be looking for any indication that they are going out on the CMDA side with Verizon," Michael Yoshikami, chief investment strategist at YCMNet, told TheStreet. "I think it's unlikely at this stage, but it will be interesting to see what Apple's comments on that side are."

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