Infogroup (NASDAQ: IUSA) announced today the launch of OneSource iSell, a personalized sales intelligence solution that takes sales prospecting to the next level by finding, prioritizing and delivering the hottest prospects directly to sales professionals. This represents another example of Infogroup’s focus on new products and services designed to continually improve client effectiveness.

OneSource iSell transforms prospecting by helping salespeople focus their prospecting efforts on accounts that are most likely to buy. Prospects are prioritized continuously for each salesperson based on relevance to their territory or focus area, depth of information available to quickly reach the right decision maker and changes or events called “sales triggers,” such as new funding or executive changes.

“The sales triggers delivered by OneSource iSell are invaluable for helping sales teams identify and prioritize new prospecting opportunities as well as staying on top of target accounts,” said Tibor Shanto, Principal at Renbor Sales Solutions. “iSell also provides compelling talking points sales professionals can use to gain the interest of potential prospects during those crucial first few moments of a prospecting call.”

OneSource iSell dramatically increases sales productivity by providing all the sales intelligence that sales professionals need in a single place. It includes everything from rich company profiles to e-mail addresses for executives to social media content. Sales professionals create a highly personalized sales prospecting environment that lets them work the way that best supports their sales process.

"The rise of social networks, blogs, and web media creates a challenge for sales professionals. On the one hand these can offer some useful nuggets for sales prospecting. But on the other, it can take a lot of searching and mining to find the right information. Customers and prospects expect salespeople to do their homework so it is critical to find a way to search these sources efficiently. The goal is to be effective with their client-facing time - and sell more." said Elizabeth Vanneste, CMO of Miller Heiman, the leading sales performance company.

“We developed iSell so that sales professionals can spend more time selling to the best prospects, rather than sifting through static information from multiple websites,” said Phil Garlick, President of OneSource. “We put our major focus on making iSell easy-to-use, with personalization capabilities, as well as providing the best possible content.”

OneSource iSell is powered by OneSource’s LiveContent Platform, which combines information from more than 50 premium content suppliers and thousands of information feeds including social media sources. LiveContent goes far beyond simply aggregating information; it selects the most accurate data from each source so sales get the best content fused into a single record. For example, an iSell contact profile can combine a biography from Infogroup with an e-mail address from NetProspex and a photo from a corporate website.

This breakthrough product represents another example of Infogroup’s commitment to leading the way as it relates platform technology in the marketing and sales solutions arena. Infogroup’s focus on new products and services are designed to continually improve client effectiveness. For more information about Infogroup’s OneSource iSell visit

About OneSource Information Services, Inc.

OneSource, an Infogroup company, delivers business and sales intelligence on millions of companies and executives worldwide – optimizing clients’ sales and marketing efforts and assisting with business-to-business research activities. The OneSource LiveContent™ platform combines content from over 50 world-class suppliers and thousands of information sources, providing unparalleled data accuracy and depth, delivered through the Web, CRM integrations, and information portals. OneSource has offices in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. For more information, please visit

About Infogroup

Infogroup (NASDAQ: IUSA) is the leading provider of data and interactive resources that enables targeted sales, effective marketing and insightful research solutions. Our information powers innovative tools and insight for businesses to efficiently reach current and future customers through multiple channels, including the world’s most dominant and powerful Internet search engines and GPS navigation systems. Infogroup’s headquarters are located at 5711 South 86 th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127. For more information, call (402) 593-4500 or visit

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