FIDUCIA, the largest IT services provider to Germany’s cooperative financial system, is successfully using BMC Software (NASDAQ:BMC) to provide critical services to 790 cooperative and private banks as well as central institutes including nearly 100,000 users and 66 million bank accounts.

The BMC MainView solution remains a linchpin of FIDUCIA’s mainframe environment. It is reducing costs by minimizing hardware and software requirements, increasing efficiency, ensuring adherence to application service levels and improving availability by fixing problems faster across the 16.2 billion transactions processed annually.

“Mainframe availability is critical to FIDUCIA’s business success. We need 100-percent confidence in the monitoring solution, or we risk jeopardizing mainframe availability and performance,” said Thomas Heitlinger, System z product manager at FIDUCIA. “BMC MainView has been instrumental in increasing efficiency and lowering operational costs for 10 years. With BMC, we have the efficient and integrated monitoring tools we need to manage the complexity of operating systems and subsystems – and we can detect system performance issues before they disrupt the business.”

Mainframe data has grown exponentially in the last decade, as services such as multichannel and 24x7 banking have become industry norms. Through its relationship with BMC, FIDUCIA has been able to offload workloads to an existing IBM® specialty engine called System z® Integrated Information Processor (zIIP).

BMC MainView solutions, such as BMC CMF MONITOR and BMC MainView for z/OS, enable Fiducia to release valuable general purpose engine capacity back to the business by automatically shifting work to FIDUCIA’s zIIP engine.

“With these zIIP-eligible z/OS monitoring tools, BMC Software is yet again showing other vendors the way forward in mainframe monitoring,” said Heitlinger. “FIDUCIA has now offloaded 30 percent of its MainView workload to the zIIP environment, reducing general purpose processor utilization and saving a significant amount of money.”

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