In the current economy, increasing pressure is on the budgets of organizations that rely on the mainframe as a key business driver.

To address that pressure, BMC Software (NASDAQ:BMC) today announced new mainframe cost optimization capabilities to help organizations manage their mainframe investments and prepare for future business growth.

BMC now has enabled many of its DB2® for z/OS® solutions to take advantage of IBM (NYSE:IBM) System z® Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs). BMC customers can move more of their DB2 work to lower-cost processors, thereby reducing their mainframe operational costs. This new zIIP offloading capability, along with previously-introduced BMC MainView zIIP exploitation efforts, represent a significant step to reduce the costs of MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second), the primary cost driver in mainframe environments.

BMC zIIP-enabled solutions help customers increase IT efficiency and maximize mainframe investment by freeing space for additional workloads, reducing peak period usage and delaying or avoiding costly upgrades. BMC customer FIDUCIA, the largest IT services provider to Germany’s financial system, was able to reduce z/OS operating system monitoring costs with the BMC MainView solution by offloading workloads to a zIIP engine.

“With these zIIP-eligible z/OS monitoring tools, BMC Software is yet again showing other vendors the way forward in mainframe monitoring,” said Thomas Heitlinger, System z product manager at FIDUCIA. “FIDUCIA has now offloaded 30 percent of its MainView workload to the zIIP environment, reducing general purpose processor utilization and saving a significant amount of money.”

Improving efficiency by making organizations’ IT systems more responsive to overall business needs is a key piece of BMC’s Business Service Management (BSM) platform. New zIIP capabilities for BMC’s DB2 products greatly enrich the company’s efforts to help its customers reduce costs. The BMC CMF MONITOR and BMC MainView for z/OS solutions already shift nearly half their work to zIIP processors, allowing IT to return the use of general-purpose capacity back to the business for future growth. By offering additional DB2 zIIP-enabled capabilities along with tools such as BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes, which helps organizations better understand the potential benefits of these engines by modeling their expected capacity usage, BMC is enabling businesses to reduce costs and increase mainframe efficiency.

Noted independent research firm, Forrester Research, Inc., recently cited BMC as using creative exploitation in the use of zIIPs. A recent Forrester report stated that in the second half of 2009, when Forrester’s end-customer IT clients were making a sizeable number of z10 hardware and software upgrades, two specific vendors including BMC Software used approaches to the creative exploitation of the IBM zIIP specialty processor that are telling examples and that other mainframe independent software vendors will most likely follow throughout 2010. 1

Customers also are touting BMC’s zIIP exploitation capabilities.

“Because we provide services to the insurance industry, we are always under pressure to reduce costs. Moving work to zIIP engines will help,” said Wolfgang Grünebaum, manager of database management at Gothaer Systems. “We depend on the BMC products for DB2 to manage the DB2 system where we manage important legacy data. We are excited to implement functionality that will provide the speed and reliability we need while reducing license-relevant CPU cycles by moving them to zIIPs.”

Reducing the usage of central processors can add up to dramatic savings. According to industry calculations, hardware plus software costs for a zIIP processor is $150 to $200 per MIPS compared with $2,200 to $3,400 for a general purpose processor. In addition, BMC’s recent global mainframe survey found mainframe capacity has continued to grow, and growing MIPS are putting more pressure on the budgets of organizations that rely on the mainframe. In large shops with more than 10,000 MIPS, more than 47 percent of respondents said MIPS utilization is a top priority.

“At BMC, we are acutely aware of the pressure on our customers to limit spending without sacrificing performance,” said Bill Miller, senior vice president and president, Mainframe Service Management at BMC. “Our mainframe solutions enable customers to deliver their business services efficiently while at the same time maximizing revenue. Mainframe cost optimization is a key initiative in our Business Service Management strategy, and we will continue to seek every opportunity to deploy workloads more efficiently by avoiding costly hardware upgrades and reducing software costs.”

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