Health Discovery Corporation (OTCBB: HDVY) announced today it received the prestigious MICO Award presented by MDB Capital Group, San Francisco, Calif., at its invitation-only Bright Lights Conference held May 11-12, 2010. Health Discovery Corporation was chosen from among 1,600 publicly traded, small cap companies.

The MICO Award is Latin for “to shine.” The award was presented to the Top 5 companies across all industries with the most potentially disruptive or market changing intellectual property. “Disruptive technologies” is a term used in business and technology to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect.

According to PatentVest, MDB Capital’s proprietary intellectual property (IP) analytical tool, "Among public companies in the healthcare industry, our IP metrics found that Health Discovery Corporation is a leading innovator of game-changing IP," said Christopher Marlett, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, MDB Capital Group.

"Intellectual property is no longer an intangible asset class," said Marlett. "MDB Capital built PatentVest to help investors easily assign a tangible value to patents, and we've proven that market leading IP is predictive of superior business performance. Companies like Health Discovery Corporation typify the market leading IP presented at our Bright Lights Conference," said Marlett.

“Health Discovery Corporation ranks as a market leader in each of the quantitative metrics across the entire health care sector,” said Marlett.

“We are honored to receive the MICO Award from MDB Capital and this independent validation of our market changing intellectual property,” said Stephen D. Barnhill, Chairman and CEO, Health Discovery Corporation.

“The resources invested by MDB Capital in the creation of its rigorous PatentVest analytic tool and applied to our patent portfolio further confirms the value of Health Discovery Corporation’s intellectual property portfolio,” said Dr. Barnhill.

“Companies like Quest Diagnostics, Incorporated (NYSE: DGX) and Abbott Labs (NYSE: ABT) understand the value of Health Discovery Corporation’s patent protected technology and have entered into significant development and commercialization contracts with us,” said Dr. Barnhill. “Our patented technology also attracts world-class scientist-inventors like Isabelle Guyon, Ph.D. and Maher Albitar, M.D. to our company,” said Dr. Barnhill.