Angeion Corporation (NASDAQ: ANGN) today announced that it is partnering with Milwaukee, Wis.-based Mortara Instrument, Inc., to produce the Ultima™ CardiO 2 metabolic stress testing system.

Mortara Instrument is a leader in non-invasive electrocardiography (ECG) products. The Ultima CardiO 2, part of Angeion’s MedGraphics product line, incorporates an integrated 12-lead ECG from Mortara Instrument to enhance testing capabilities, making the system a complete metabolic stress testing solution that provides true breath-by-breath analysis. This enables clinicians to quickly and efficiently measure key pulmonary, cardiopulmonary and nutritional functions.

“We first unveiled the Ultima CardiO 2 in 1993. By partnering with Mortara, we are able to enhance the system’s ECG element with the leading electrocardiography technology available today,” said Rodney A. Young, President and Chief Executive Officer of Angeion. “The latest Ultima CardiO 2 is a system that offers complete pulmonary function assessment in hospital laboratories, cardiopulmonary exercise testing in rehabilitation and sports medicine centers, and nutritional assessment in critical care units around the globe.”

The Ultima Series of products offers maximum flexibility to configure both pulmonary function and gas exchange systems to meet clinicians’ current and future diagnostic needs. The Ultima utilizes the latest technology and rapid response sensors for unparalleled performance and reliability. The features and capabilities of the Ultima Series meet the demands of the most exacting clinician.

Dr. Justin Mortara, CEO of Mortara Instrument commented, “We’re excited to partner with Angeion. Just as Mortara Instrument is known worldwide for excellence in diagnostic ECG, MedGraphics is an internationally recognized leader in pulmonary systems. Combining their pulmonary technology with our VERITAS™ ECG algorithms and technology components brings two leaders together, resulting in an excellent solution for cardiopulmonary stress testing. Together, we’re helping clinical professionals at every level access essential information to non-invasively assess and successfully manage their patients’ care across the health continuum.”

About Mortara Instrument, Inc.

Mortara Instrument's headquarters are located in Milwaukee, Wis., with operations in Italy, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands. Mortara Instrument is distinguished in the field of non-invasive cardiology innovations that are the core of the company's complete line of ECG products including electrocardiographs, stress exercise systems, Holter systems, data warehousing solutions, and cardiology monitoring systems. Mortara Instrument manufactures and distributes its ECG devices and related technology worldwide. The company's website is

About Angeion Corporation

Founded in 1986, Angeion Corporation acquired Medical Graphics Corporation in December 1999. Medical Graphics develops, manufactures and markets non-invasive cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems that are sold under the MedGraphics ( and New Leaf ( brand and trade names. These cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems have a wide range of applications in healthcare as well as health and fitness. The Company’s products are sold internationally through distributors and in the United States through a direct sales force that targets heart and lung specialists located in hospitals, university-based medical centers, medical clinics and physicians’ offices, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, clinical research organizations, health and fitness clubs, personal training studios, and other exercise facilities. For more information about Angeion, visit

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