BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC) today announced that the Company’s board of directors has authorized an additional $1 billion for the repurchase of the company’s shares.

This new authorization is in addition to previous board authorizations totaling $3 billion, of which only $69.8 million remains to be repurchased as of March 31, 2010.

Any repurchases under the Company’s stock repurchase program may be made from time to time, subject to market conditions and other factors, in the open market or through solicited or unsolicited privately negotiated transactions or in such other manner that complies with the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The program does not obligate the Company to acquire any particular amount of common stock, and it may be modified or suspended at any time at the Company’s discretion.

“BMC Software’s strong balance sheet, cash position and free cash flow generation continue to allow us to enhance shareholder value by returning funds to shareholders,” said Steve Solcher, BMC’s chief financial officer. “BMC’s share repurchase program remains one of the many ways we deliver value to our shareholders.”

Business runs on IT. IT runs on BMC Software.

Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster and stronger. That’s why the most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on BMC Software across both distributed and mainframe environments. Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management, BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. For the four fiscal quarters ended December 31, 2009, BMC revenue was approximately $1.90 billion. Visit for more information.

This news release and other related public statements we make contain both historical information and forward-looking information. Statements of plans, objectives, strategies and expectations for future operations and results, identified by words such as “believe,” “anticipate,” “expect,” “estimate” and “guidance” are forward-looking statements. BMC Software’s intentions with regard to the share repurchase program may be affected by a number of factors which include the market price of BMC Software’s common stock, general business and market conditions, and management’s determination of alternative needs and uses of BMC Software’s cash resources. Numerous important factors affect BMC Software's operating results and could cause BMC Software's actual results to differ materially from the forecasts and estimates indicated by any forward-looking statements made by, or on behalf of, BMC Software, and there can be no assurance that future results will meet expectations, estimates or projections. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) the possibility that general economic conditions or uncertainty cause information technology spending to be reduced or purchasing decisions to be delayed; 2) competition in our markets can result in pricing pressures and competition for new customers as well as potential displacements of our existing customers; 3) our cash flow from operations could be affected by many factors, including, but not limited to, lengthening sales cycles, the size and timing of bookings, customer payment terms, the timing of collections, increased expenses, reduced net earnings and movement in foreign currency exchange rates; 4) a significant percentage of our license transactions are completed during the final weeks and days of each quarter, which creates a level of uncertainty as to whether revenue, license bookings and/or earnings will have met expectations until after the end of the quarter; 5) our operating costs and expenses are relatively fixed over the short term, so if we have a shortfall in revenue in any given quarter, our ability to offset revenue shortfalls in the near-term is limited; 6) changes to our sales organization, including personnel and process changes, may have unintended negative consequences; 7) our expectations for revenue and earnings are based on an assumption of the percentage of license revenue which will be recognized upfront versus deferred; if our actual results do not match our assumption, our recognized revenue and resultant earnings could fall short of expectations; 8) our effective tax rate is subject to quarterly fluctuation and any change in such tax rate could affect our earnings; and 9) the additional risks and important factors described in BMC Software's Annual Report on Form 10-K and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings are available on our website at . We undertake no obligation to update information contained in this release.

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