Credit Suisse analysts, on the other hand, have come down hard on Ford. After Ford reported quarterly earnings last week, the analysts said they were downgrading the auto maker to underperform from neutral on the grounds that the company's current level of profitability is unsustainable.

Concerns cited included "rising structural costs to support global expansion; rising raw material costs; rising incentive costs in the U.S. and Europe; and declining profitability in the finance company." The Credit Suisse analysts said that while these headwinds may not yet be visible, they will become so in due time.

Both Credit Suisse and Edmunds analyst Michelle Krebs could not be more in disagreement on Ford stock, as Krebs remains captivated with Fords' new product pipeline. For Krebs, this, and her positive assessment of Ford's ability to manage debt and inventory, among other factors, leads her to believe that the company's headwinds are not insurmountable.

Marketing Research's Art Spinella added that Ford has been deft at reaching out to the youth market and transforming itself into fun and modern brand. He describes Ford marketing strategies as "masterful."

Clearly, there are many views on where Ford's stock is headed -- and not much in the way of agreement; in light of this, we ask you: What is your outlook for Ford stock? Take our poll below to see what the rest of TheStreet has to say. And don't hesitate to leave a comment below, too.

What is your outlook for Ford stock?

I'm bullish -- I think there's much upside left for the stock.
I'm taking a wait-and-see approach.
I'm bearish -- I think the stock has run its course, at least for now.

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York


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