"The banking industry has EVERYONE by the short hairs, but such is a debt/creditor system... I've come to this resolve that either Main Street (Wall Street included) will run free, or the government will run free; if I have to choose which gets to run free... it should be Main Street (& Wall Street). ...Main Street (& Wall Street) free = freedom, and the price we pay for being a free society. The government running free = tyranny for the people! There's really no way around this (save the life hereafter)!"

Now, Mr. Riley makes some sense here. First, he points out that we're in this together. Furthermore, Main Street is pretty divided on the question of whether more regulation will fix these problems. So whether or not our often incompetent federal regulators manage to gain some more oversight over the financial industry, we'd like to ask you for a favor.

In exchange for us funding your financial adventures - with our taxes, 401(k)s, investments, etc. - we'd like to ask you to exercise a bit of restraint. The next time you're putting together a deal, look to more than profits as a goal, and take a few minutes to consider whether or not it will have a negative impact on Main Street. This is where you've got to be really honest with yourself, Wall Street.

If you conclude that the deal is bad for Main Street (and bad for America), maybe you should figure out another way to make money.

Stop smiling. We're serious about this. We know you guys are very good at pulling the wool over the eyes of the SEC (when they happen to be paying attention) and we both know that even if the government passes new laws, there will always be a few guys on Wall Street smart enough to figure out a way around them. Sooner or later the rest of you guys will catch on, and before we know it we'll have another meltdown. So, we really need you to step up to the plate here and promise us that you are really going to change. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to enroll in some sort of 12-step program and start seeing a shrink . I think a little introspection could be good for you.

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