Voxware, Inc. (Nasdaq: VOXW), a supplier of packaged software for voice solutions in the warehouse, hosted leading foodservice companies including major distributors US Foodservice and Performance Food Group on April 13 at a Roundtable focused on the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).

“We had some of the largest food distributors in North America, who collectively manage over 100 warehouses,” said Scott Yetter, Voxware CEO. “Because of the ongoing development in our software, our customers can leverage their investment in Voxware for PTI. The roundtable enabled us to confirm our product strategy for PTI by interacting with our customers as they prepare for this emerging industry issue.”

“The Technology Roundtable was a very useful forum. As a group we learned from one another and helped identify key areas where technology can assist in compliance efforts, and we were pleased to see how our Voxware product will support our requirements,” said Jeff Williamson, Senior Vice President of Operations for Performance Food Group.

“Traceability is extremely important in the Canadian market,” said Fadi Swayty, Project Manager at Tannis Food Distributors in Ontario. “The Roundtable provided a forum where we foodservice companies could compare requirements and discuss different ways to satisfy them.”

Voxware supports PTI via the integrated scanning capability included in the Voxware 3 software suite, and the company plans to add more features in upcoming releases. “There is no substitute for listening to your customers,” said Yetter. “The Roundtable helped solidify our product direction, and the contribution of these market leaders will help Voxware deliver a better product to our customers.”

About Voxware

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