CalciTech Ltd. (OTCBB: CLKTF) CalciTech today announces the launch of a new corporate website reflecting the on-going developments in its business. The website,, has been substantially updated and will be linked to CalciTech Synthetic Minerals Europe Ltd (« CSME ») site very shortly. CSME, a wholly owned subsidiary, is the exclusive licensee for Europe that is responsible for developing that market for SCC products and its web site is currently under construction. The web sites of new operating territorial licensees of the CalciTech SCC technology will be also be linked as they are developed.

Roger Leopard CEO and President comments « Our new web page now reflects clearly our product offerings, which have been developed in Europe, where first commecialisation will take place. Our intention is now to bring our actvities to the attention of the North American market and to seek a senior listing at the appropriate time. »

The directors of the company take responsibility for this announcement.

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