Article 6

6.1.  On 22 April 2009, the Annual General Meeting resolved to authorise the Board of Directors to i) fix the date for introduction of communication by electronic means pursuant to Articles 6(3) - 6(6) be-low and at the same time to ii) make all necessary amendments to the Articles of Association.

6.2.  The Board of Directors shall notify the Company's shareholders about the date of introduction of communication by electronic means.

6.3.  The Company shall be entitled to give any notices to the Company's shareholders under the Dan-ish Companies Act or these Articles of Association by electronic mail, and documents may be made available or forwarded in electronic form. The annual report and any other notices required to be given to the shareholders by law must, however, always be available in paper version and for-warded to any shareholders having so requested.

6.4.  The Management Board will ask all shareholders recorded in the Company's register of shareholders to provide their current email addresses to which notices etc., cf. Article 6(1) above, may be given. It is the responsibility of the shareholder to provide the Company with a correct and current email address.

6.5.  At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the above form of communication may also be used for communication between the Company and the members of the Board of Directors.

6.6. Information on system requirements and the use of electronic communication shall be provided di-rectly to the shareholders by the Company's Management Board or be published on the Company's website.

Article 7

7.1. The agenda for the annual general meeting shall be as follows:

1. Director's report on the activities of the Company in the past year.

2. Presentation for adoption of the annual report.

3. The Board of Director's proposal for the appropriation of profits or provision for losses in accordance with the adopted annual report.