3.7. Any dividend payable to a shareholder which remains unclaimed for three years after the due date shall accrue to the Company.

3.8. The Board of Directors has been authorised by the general meeting to resolve to distribute interim dividend

Article 4

4.1. If previously issued shares have been lost and no application for registration of the shares has been filed with VP SECURITIES A/S, such shares and appurtenant coupon sheets, talons and in-terim certificates may on the Company's initiative and at the expense of the applicant be cancelled without judgment in accordance with the statutory rules on this in force from time to time.

Article 5

5.1. The general meetings of the Company shall be held in Region Greater Copenhagen.

5.2. Annual general meetings shall be held every year before the end of April.

5.3. Any shareholder shall be entitled to have one or more items included in the agenda for the ordinary general meeting, provided that the shareholder submits a written request to that effect to the Company's Board of Directors no later than six weeks before the general meeting.

5.4. Extraordinary general meetings shall be held when demanded by the Board of Directors or the auditor elected by the general meeting. Extraordinary general meetings shall be convened within 2 weeks if requisitioned in writing by shareholders holding 5% of the share capital for the purpose of considering specific business.

5.5. General meetings shall be convened with a notice of no more than five weeks and no less than three weeks.

5.6. General meetings shall be convened by notice in at least one national daily newspaper, by notice on the Company's website www.torm.com and via the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency's IT system and otherwise in any such manner and form as may at any time be required by the stock exchanges on which the Company's shares or ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) are listed. Written notice of the meeting shall, however, be given to all shareholders entered in the Company's register of shareholders and/or to all ADR holders who have registered their holdings with the Company and who have so requested.

5.7. The notice convening the general meeting shall specify the business to be transacted at the meet-ing. If proposals for amendments to the Articles of Association are to be considered, the essential aspects of the proposal shall be stated in the notice.