As a result of this authorisation, the Board of Directors is furthermore authorised in the period until 31 December 2011 by unanimous resolution to increase the Company's share capital, with or without any preemption rights for the existing shareholders, by up to a total nominal amount of DKK 50,000,000 by conversion of convertible debt instruments issued pursuant to this Article 2.6. New shares issued pursuant to this authorisation shall be negotiable instruments, shall be issued to bearer, but shall be eligible for registration in the name of the holder in the Company's register of shareholders, the transferability of the new shares shall not be subject to any restrictions, the new shareholders shall not be under an obligation to have their shares redeemed and the shares are in all other respects to carry the same rights and privileges as the existing shares in the Company. The Board of Directors will by unanimous resolution determine any other terms and conditions.

Article 3

3.1. The Company's shares shall be negotiable instruments, and the transferability of the shares shall not be subject to any restrictions.

3.2. The shares shall be issued through VP SECURITIES A/S and/or under an American Depositary Receipt Program (ADR Program).

3.3. The shares shall be issued to bearer, but may be entered in the Company's register of shareholders in the name of the holder. The Company has appointed VP Investor Services A/S (VP Services A/S), CVR no. 30201183, keeper of the Company's Register of Shareholders for all shares issued by the Company.

3.4. No share shall confer special rights upon its holder.

3.5. No shareholder shall be obliged to have his shares redeemed.

3.6. When the audited annual report has been adopted by the Company in general meeting, the declared dividend shall be distributed by transfer to the accounts designated by the shareholders in accordance with the rules on VP SECURITIES A/S in force from time to time.