NexMed, Inc. (Nasdaq: NEXM), a specialty CRO with a pipeline of products based on the NexACT ® technology, today announced that results from a pre-clinical study showed significant improvement in the delivery and half life of Å6, a proprietary peptide treatment for ovarian cancer currently in Phase 2 development by Angstrom Pharmaceuticals. Specifically, the incorporation of NexACT ® enabled the dose of Å6 to be cut by half, or from twice per day to once per day delivered subcutaneously, while achieving the same level of efficacy in the mouse lung metastasis model.

Bassam Damaj, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of NexMed, stated, “These new findings, incorporating the NexACT-A6 peptide formulation, correlate with the half life and delivery profile of the Å6 compound from Angstrom’s previous studies using the higher dose. The positive results offer Ångstrom the potential to clinically test the NexACT-Å6 peptide at much higher doses while maintaining continuous coverage of the intended therapeutic target in human patients.” Dr. Damaj further added, “This study was NexMed’s first entry into the subcutaneous delivery of peptide drugs, and the results further confirmed the depot-like effect of the NexACT ® technology which we had seen in our subcutaneous delivery studies with insulin and taxol.”

Malcolm Finlayson, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Ångstrom noted, “Our relationship with NexMed continues to evolve in a fast and promising way. This new data is very exciting and warrants further investigation to support the opportunity to license the NexACT ® technology for human clinical trials.”

About Ångstrom Pharmaceuticals and Å6

Based in San Diego, CA, Ångstrom is developing a new class of drugs targeting CD44 for the treatment of diseases involving cell migration, invasion, and metastasis. Results from a completed Phase 1a safety clinical trial on Å6 showed there were no systemic drug-related adverse events in healthy volunteers. Ångstrom has also successfully completed a Phase 1b clinical trial evaluating Å6 in women with advanced gynecologic cancer, and a Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating Å6 in women with asymptomatic CA125 progression of epithelial ovarian cancer after first-line chemotherapy. Treatments were well tolerated and more than 40% of the patients dosed continuously with Å6 experienced disease stabilization. For further information, go to

About NexMed

NexMed is the largest specialty CRO based in San Diego, CA and is one of the industry's most experienced CROs for in vitro and i n vivo pharmacology services and research models. The Company’s goal is to generate revenues from the growth of its Discovery Pre-clinical CRO business, while aggressively seeking to monetize its proprietary NexACT ® drug delivery technology through out-licensing agreements with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, worldwide. At the same time, NexMed is actively pursuing partnering opportunities for its NexACT ®-based treatments for onychomycosis, psoriasis, sexual dysfunction and cancer. For further information on NexMed and its subsidiaries, visit the following websites: or

Forward-Looking Statement Safe Harbor for NexMed

Statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: with the exception of the historical information contained in this release, the matters described herein contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that may individually or mutually impact the matters herein described for a variety of reasons that are outside the control of the Company including but not limited to its ability to out-license the NexACT ® technology, including to Angstrom, or the NexACT ®-based products under development. Additionally, pre-clinical study results involving animal models of human disease may not be indicative of the results that could be expected from subsequent clinical trials in humans.

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