Ron Stowell

Which is I would like to refer everybody to our Safe Harbor statement that have appeared on our Form 10-Q and 10-K and indicate that to the extent that we may be talking about some trends or items in the future but we will not have material non-public information to disclose today.

Bob Ready

Thank you, Ron. You should have that pretty well done in fact now. I want to start off by kind of giving you a thumbnail sketch of the quarter. Obviously it was a difficult quarter as our third quarter normally is even in the best of times. But this was even a little bit more challenging for us. We had some very unusual weather that unfortunately shut down a number of days throughout the LSI operations throughout all of them, Kansas City, Rhode Island, North Canton, Cincinnati, even Dallas.

With that said though, obviously it was one of our strongest quarters for sure. But I want to be sure that people understand that during this very difficult economic time we have been working aggressively to kind of change the direction of our Company. And I say that in a way that basically all the development, new product development, the new marketing objectives, the international program, that we set a lot of seeds in place.

I think things now are looking a little bit brighter as we move forward. I am sure there are going to be a number of questions relating to the major rollout program for 7-Eleven. I know that during the last six or eight months specifically in the calendar ’09 as you all know we were very much involved with a very strong petroleum rollout program. The highlight of that for me personally happened yesterday morning at 11’O Clock. This is – at that specific hour the Vice President of 7-Eleven had a conference call of which we were invited and it was a recognition of job well done by LSI Industries in taking on such an aggressive program and the success of that program. And I am sure Scott will answer some questions in regard to that, regarding that.

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