Starting today, readers of the Slate Group sites will have the opportunity to publicly “Like” articles and make social connections as they browse, and, by utilizing the one-click Like button, powered by Facebook. Users will also be able to see which articles were most liked by Facebook users on the site, and what Slate Group stories their own network of Facebook friends are enjoying most.

The Slate Group’s full integration of Facebook’s latest Social Plugins includes major presence on both homepages and individual article pages, a nod to the fact that Slate readers are highly engaged in social media, (in fact, Slate readers are 2.5 times more likely than other online visitors to maintain four or more social networking profiles). Here’s how the Slate Group is integrating Facebook’s new offerings:

Homepage integration of the Facebook Like button for,,

On each site’s homepage, the Slate Group will now provide users with one-click access to articles that received the most “Likes” by Facebook users on each site, as well as one-click access to stories their own Facebook friends liked on the site. The “Most Liked” content will be featured above the “most read” boxes, an acknowledgment of both the significance of social networking in media consumption and of the value behind presenting a reader with the opportunity to learn what their network of peers is reading on Slate.

Article page integration of the Facebook Like button for, The,

Within individual article pages, Slate Group readers who are logged into Facebook will now have the option to “Like” that particular story. Plus, the Facebook Like plugin on article pages will include multiple tabs: one showcasing the articles that received the most “Likes” on the site and a second noting what that specific user’s friends liked on the site.

“Readers of the Slate Group sites are incredibly engaged, communicative and intelligent,” said Jacob Weisberg, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Slate Group. “We see the deeper integration of social networking into what we do as a step forward for serious journalism. We’re giving our readers a way to further involve themselves with conversations around the news, to find the articles their friends recommend, and participate in thoughtful debate.”

Slate Group readers have indeed proved themselves to be a lively and actively engaged community. This Facebook integration marks only one of many initiatives put forth this year by the Slate Group to aide in the community building of our readers. In February, Slate launched The Hive, a crowd sourcing project incorporating live events and online discussion that harnesses the collective knowledge of Slate readers to help solve real world problems. A new commenting platform was introduced on Slate in February as well, bringing reader feedback to the forefront and providing users with easier ways to communicate directly with one another, and share their comments within other social media.

The Slate Group’s design around the Facebook plugin – both on homepages and on individual article pages – includes advertising space, giving advertisers the unique opportunity to target Slate’s heaviest users of social media, a key audience that serves as major influencers among their peers.

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