(Youtube.com service disruptions story updated with additional user comments.)
NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Google's ( GOOG) Youtube.com apparently suffered a service outage of some type Monday morning. Message boards across the Internet filled with queries about a "500 internal server error" message that had been popping up on youtube.com early Monday morning.

"I was on youtube and it was working fine, but then this comes up instead of the video '500 Internal Server Error' ... What should I do? I know there's not a problem with my Internet connection and any other website works fine," one user wrote on a Yahoo! message board.

Users said that they were getting this message on every video on Youtube.

"I think everyone's getting it," one person wrote on a Youtube.com message board. "I hate that I'm unable to see the video ."

"It's almost as irritating as Google's poorly formatted text box," another user complained on the message board. "Yay Google. Alpha quality in beta release products."

Youtube.com users were speculating Monday morning that hackers, technical glitches or viruses might have been the root cause of the problem.

Youtube.com service reportedly returned to normal in the early morning hours Monday.

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York

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