At the present time, the condition of our three co-workers being treated at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle remains unchanged and critical. Their names are:

Matt Gumbel - 34, employed since 2007

Lew Janz - 41, employed since 2000

Donna Van Dreumel - 36, employed since 2001

The Tesoro family would like to thank all of those who have called with your best wishes and prayers for everyone involved in this tragedy. Tesoro is in the process of establishing funds for all the families affected and will release information on how people may contribute in the near future. The company is working on further plans to support the spouses and children of our co-workers during this difficult time.

Members of Tesoro’s Executive Management, including CEO Bruce Smith and COO Everett Lewis, will be arriving tomorrow morning to assess the situation personally and meet with our co-workers and community leaders.

To clarify earlier statements, production rates have been decreased at the Anacortes facility to approximately one-third of normal. The company, however, has developed a plan that includes increasing production at some of our other refineries. While these plans will take some time to fully implement, overall, we don’t expect a significant impact to the supply of refined products on the West Coast from this incident.

Several government agencies are participating in investigating this incident with Tesoro Corporation, including the EPA, the Washington Department of Ecology, the Department of Labor & Industry, and the Chemical Safety Board. The site of the incident has been visited by most of these participants and we are cooperating with their requests.

Once again we want to ask for your prayers and support for our friends in crisis.

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