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By Dave Fry, founder and publisher of ETF Digest and author of the best-selling book Create Your Own ETF Hedge Fund.

March 30, 2010


Tuesday's economic data was better than expected with Consumer Confidence and unremarkable housing data; but, an early market rise was restrained by an all-too-familiar villain -- sovereign risk issues. These aren't going away anytime soon.   While some sectors will do well as economic growth takes hold the global debt time bomb will bob to the surface to shock investors. It's hard to imagine how many years this condition will haunt investors, taxpayers and governments. Tuesday, Iceland suffered credit rating declines, Irish banks were being bailed-out and Greece could only sell half its bond issue. So, thoughts of a resolution for the latter lasted a day.

Volume again was very light while breadth was modestly positive. 

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We hit the finish line tomorrow for the first quarter. There seems little risk those able to protect their positions won't be successful. It's too pat.

ADP Employment Change, Chicago PMI and Factory Orders are on tap for Wednesday.

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