PORTLAND, Ore. (Clean Edge) -- Clean Edge and NASDAQ's three benchmark clean-tech stock indexes each gained ground down last week with the NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index (CELS) up 2.33 percent, the NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge Global Wind Energy Index (QWND) gaining 0.12 percent, and the NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index (QGRD)1.31 percent higher from the previous week.

The overall market saw moderate movement last week -- the S&P 500 gained 0.58 percent, NASDAQ grew 0.87 percent and AMEX Oil ended the week down 1.59 percent.

CELS,up 2.33 percent for the week and 36.08 percent higher than a year ago, tracks U.S.-listed clean-energy companies and is divided into four categories: advanced materials; energy intelligence; energy storage and conversion; and renewable electricity generation and renewable fuels.

In the advanced materials sector, three component companies were in positive territory with the remaining two down.

Energy intelligence had 18 components up, four down, and two unchanged. In energy storage and conversion, five components were in positive territory and two lost ground. For renewable electricity and fuels, 13 components were up and four were down from the previous week's close.

CELS' best performer for the week was fuel cell developer Ballard Power Systems ( BLDP - Get Report), gaining 24.90 percent.

Rounding out the top five CELS performers were power conversion product maker Power-One ( PWER), up 15.92 percent; solar wafer manufacturer ReneSola ( SOL - Get Report), rising 15.43 percent; Chinese PV solar cell maker JA Solar Holdings ( JASO), gaining 10.60 percent; and LED and solar equipment provider Veeco Instruments ( VECO - Get Report), up 10.43 percent.

CELS' worst performer last week was electric motor developer UQM Technologies ( UQM), declining 17.23 percent.

Other worst performers included solar PV laminate maker Energy Conversion Devices ( ENER), falling 6.58 percent; utility network provider ESCO Technologies ( ESE), losing 6.09 percent; geothermal energy developer Ormat Technologies ( ORA), down 5.17 percent; and solar PV product manufacturer SunPower Corporation ( SPWRA), losing 3.90 percent.

QWND, up 0.12 percent last week and 27.24 percent higher in the last 12 months,includes companies that are primarily manufacturers, developers, distributors, installers, and users of energy derived from wind sources. Of QWND's 21 pure play components, 12 saw gains last week, eight lost ground, and one remained unchanged.

QWND's best pure play performer for the week was Denmark-based wind energy producer Greentech Energy Systems ( GES), gaining 9.95 percent.

Other top pure play performers included energy delivery technology developer American Superconductor ( AMSC), up 9.51 percent; wind energy product and service provider Broadwind Energy ( BWEN), rising 8.67 percent; renewable energy developer Gamesa Corporacion Technologica ( GAM), gaining 6.54 percent; and advanced composite material developer Gurit Holding ( GUR), higher by 5.24 percent.

QWND's worst pure play performers were German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex ( NDX1), declining 6.55 percent; gearbox and drive train maker Hansen Transmission ( HSN), down 6.12 percent; renewable energy developer PNE Wind ( PNE3), losing 4.06 percent; wind farm owner and operator Japan Wind Development, declining 3.22 percent; and wind turbine developer Clipper Windpower ( CWP), lower by 3.18 percent.

QGRD, up 1.31 percent from the previous week, is composed of companies that are primarily involved in the electric grid; electric meters, devices, and networks; energy storage and management; and enabling software used by the smart grid and electric infrastructure sector.

Last week, 11 of the 21 pure play QGRD components saw gains while the remaining 10 lost ground.

QGRD's best pure play performer was Power-One ( PWER), gaining 15.92 percent.

Rounding out the top five pure play performers were American Superconductor ( AMSC), up 9.51 percent; solar inverter maker SMA Solar Technology, rising 4.66 percent; smart meter manufacturer Itron ( ITRI), 4 percent higher; and distribution transformer manufacturer Jinpan International ( JST), growing 0.95 percent.

QGRD's worst performers included Italian energy cable provider Prysmian ( PRY), losing 11.5 percent; electric infrastructure contractor MYR Group ( MYRG), down 6.54 percent; ESCO Technologies ( ESE), retreating 6.09 percent; wire and cable product provider General Cable ( BGC), down 4.25 percent; and electricity distrubution and automation developer Schneider Electric ( SU), lower by 3.38 percent.

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