Updated with links to new CTIA phone demos.

LAS VEGAS ( TheStreet) -- Major new product announcements were few and far between at CTIA this week, but the show was marked by a slew of alliances between big-name carriers and tech firms eager to tap the mobile Internet tsunami.

For Sprint ( S - Get Report), HTC and Qualcomm ( QCOM - Get Report), this meant launching the world's first 4G smartphone. Samsung and Motorola ( MOT), however, both unveiled shiny new Google ( GOOG - Get Report) Android phones.

TheStreet got demos of Sprint's new EVO 4G phone and Samsung's Galaxy S device.

Cisco ( CSCO - Get Report) and AT&T ( T - Get Report) focused their efforts on boosting network coverage. The telecom giant announced that it has been working with Cisco to build its new 3G MicroCell device for routing wireless phone calls or data connections over a broadband connection.

Inevitably, Apple's ( AAPL - Get Report) imminent iPad launch was a big talking point at CTIA, although Panasonic ( PC) took the opportunity to trash talk its tablet rival.

Dell ( DELL) was also beating the tablet drum in Sin City, previewing its Mini 5 Android device while Marvell ( MRVL) discussed its low-cost tablet strategy.

Despite all the tablet buzz, netbooks, or mini computers, were still prominent at CTIA. Deutsche Telekom ( DT) subsidiary T-Mobile, for example, unveiled its first netbook, a Dell ( DELL) Inspiron Mini 10. T-Mobile also announced plans to upgrade its 3G service with High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) technology.

Other hot topics at the telecom industry's annual get-together included mobile TV, as championed by Qualcomm's FLO TV subsidiary, and healthcare IT.

A succession of high-profile telecom industry execs, such as AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, also praised government plans to auction off part of the wireless spectrum, explaining that extra capacity is needed to cope with ever-prowing data volumes.

The AT&T supremo, however, also urged Washington not to over-regulate the telecom sector.

Telecom infrastructure companies such as base station specialist Crown Castle ( NYSE) also were out in force at CTIA, outlining their strategies for harnessing the mobile Internet explosion.

Elsewhere, amongst the myriad demos taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Yahoo! ( YHOO) showed off its new restaurant search application for iPhones and Microsoft ( MSFT) gave TheStreet a look at its Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Prior to CTIA, there had been talk that Verizon ( VZ - Get Report) would make a major 4G announcement, possibly with Skype. On Tuesday, however, Verizon and Skype announced that Skype Mobile will be available on Verizon Wireless, starting with nine 3G smartphones.

-- Reported by James Rogers in Las Vegas


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