(Health care insurance stocks story updated with closing prices for Aetna, Cigna, Wellpoint, Humana and UnitedHealth)

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Health care stocks are trading in mixed territory in the pre-market after a sweeping healthcare legislation was passed by the House of Representatives Sunday.

The health care reform bill would extend insurance coverage to 32 million Americans, according to Reuters, but has raised concerns about its hefty costs.

The bill would be funded with $438 billion in new taxes and fees on Americans in the high-income bracket, drug and medical device makers and health insurers. It also includes roughly $455 billion in spending cuts for Medicare and other federal health care programs over the next decade, according to Reuters.

Aetna ( AET) stock settled up 0.5% at $34.60 at the closing bell. Aetna reportedly anticipates that its first-quarter earnings will beat the Street's expectations, while maintaining its earlier full-year earnings outlook.

Cigna ( CI) ended the trading session stronger at $37.30, up 0.5%. Cigna has issued a disapproving statement regarding the bill, saying that "it is CIGNA's strong belief that this law does not adequately improve quality and address the dramatic cost increases of our health care delivery system ... this is not a sustainable solution to America's rising health care cost problem."

Wellpoint ( WLP) closed the trading session down 1.1% at $64.40.

Humana ( HUM) **ended the day 1.4% lower at $49.30,** while UnitedHealth ( UNH) fell 3.2% to $33.30. According to Reuters, the spending cuts that come with the bill would mostly be concentrated in Medicare Advantage -- which utilizes companies like Humana and UnitedHealth to deliver Medicare benefits.

Meanwhile, Legg Mason ( LM) fund manager Bill Miller tell Reuters that cheap U.S. healthcare stocks are likely to do well in the coming months, given that the legislative uncertainty about reform in this sector will be eradicated with the bill's final passage.

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York

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