Wine Ice Cream Sweetens Happy Hour

LAS VEGAS ( TheStreet) -- Leave it to Las Vegas to launch a sophisticated alternative to the traditional wine tasting. has uncovered a unique happy hour for you.

Happy Hour isn't just limited to beer and booze anymore, There's a new twist that's taking over the nation: adult ice cream. It's premium ice cream blended with real wine, not flavoring. Double Helix Wine Bar and Boutique, which is always ahead of the curve with all things wine, will hold an ice cream party for adults on March 26 at its location in the Palazzo Hotel, Resort & Casino to introduce Mercer's award-winning wine ice cream to the Las Vegas Strip. With flavors like red raspberry chardonnay and chocolate cabernet, there's something for everyone. The menu also includes cherry merlot, peach white zinfandel and royal white riesling in addition to some of the 50 wines by the glass that Double Helix serves.

Mercer's brings its wine ice cream to Las Vegas.

The launch is no surprise. Owner and sommelier Ray Nisi is always looking for new ways for his customers to enjoy wine, whether it's introducing them wine-infused foods such as Perfect Pear's Chocolate Pear Cabernet Sauce or products that use wine in a unique way, like Napa Soap Co.'s Cabernet Soapignon bar soap. The boutique also offers nearly 300 bottles of hard-to-find labels from all over the world. Other luxurious features at Double Helix include select menu offerings from Table 10, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse's latest Vegas fine-dining outpost.

Mercer's ice cream is 12% buttermilk and 5% alcohol, so one pint is equivalent to a glass of wine, therefore you must be 21 years old to taste. The brainchild of Roxaina Hulburt, the ice cream was introduced in June 2007 when Mercer's Dairy, which has been producing some of the country's finest ice cream since the 1950s, was working with the Pride of New York and the Wine and Grape Foundation. The groups were pouring wine on ice cream and Hulburt thought of combining the two. The current product unites the premium ice cream with wines from the oldest vineyard in the U.S., using New York-based wines when possible.

Mercer's is sold in other restaurants throughout the U.S., including La Brochette Bistro in Hollywood, Fla.; Farraddays' Steakhouse at the Isles Casino in Pampano Beach, Fla.; and Cindy Hutson's Ortanique in Coral Gables, Fla. Atlantic City's high-end casinos are jumping into the mix and the ice cream will be available there as of April 1. The ice cream is also distributed in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Europe. If you can't wait until Mercer's Wine Ice Cream arrives in a fine dining restaurant near you, you can pick it up at Whole Foods ( WFMI), but don't forget your I.D.

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