NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Jim Cramer criticized the pay packages of CEOs during his Stop Trading!segment on CNBC Thursday.

Since most companies all use the same compensation consultants and size themselves up against their competition, it turns out "all the CEOs are overpaid, even if their stocks don't go up," Cramer said. "There is a broad bias in favor of giving these guys a lot of money regardless of what you, the shareholder, actually get."

Cramer took note of AT&T's ( T - Get Report) CEO Randall Stephenson, whose 2009 pay package doubled to $29.2 million on changes to pension value and incentive-plan compensation.

"Compensation committees are run by people who are not sensitive to what shareholders made, but what consultants tell them because they are too overburdened," Cramer said.

Cramer said he would like to see some CEOs step up and say that they feel that they have been over compensated. "They all make huge amounts of money versus everyone in the country; they can afford to skip a year."

While this would be the honorable thing to do, Cramer noted they are not required to by law. "Look at what Vikram Pandit over at Citigroup ( C - Get Report) is doing," Cramer said.

Cramer suggests these CEOs donate their salaries to Haiti.

When it comes to trades for the day, Cramer said to pull up UBS' presentation on DuPont ( DD - Get Report), which will change investors' minds about the company.

Earlier today, the company was the biggest gainer on the Dow.

"The company is turning into an emerging market company more than investors thought," Cramer said.

Corning ( GLW - Get Report) is another company that Cramer said is worth a second look.

The company has been talking about 3D televisions, which Cramer said, like any fad, will create interest.

"The demand for PCs and TVs is stronger than people thought," Cramer said.

While the stock hasn't done much of anything for a long time, Cramer thinks it has potential.

-- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.