NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- During the past few weeks, TheStreet has covered Toyota's sudden acceleration issues Toyota ( TM), from congressional testimony to recalls to runaway Prius incidents.
AUTO RECALL PHOTO GALLERY: 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra

Through it all, Toyota has been pilloried for its handling of the crisis, although signs of wider auto industry problems involving Ford ( F), Chrysler, General Motors, Honda ( HMC) and Nissan ( NSANY) have also surfaced. In response, we've received numerous heated responses from investors and car-owners alike.

To keep you apprised of the car-talk on TheStreet, we've compiled some of those comments here. And don't fear: comments have been edited for clarity and brevity, so no useless road rage here.

"Toyota knows the problem is an intermittent electrical problem. Every mechanic's nightmare and hard to duplicate. Ever had your computer lock up -- you then restart it -- and it works fine again?"

"The reactions to Toyota's recalls are out of proportion. Maybe Americans expect a lot of recalls from GM, Ford, etc., and that's why they didn't react as much in the past. I don't think Americans are fair with Toyota."

"Toyota would rather spend money on P.R. than fix the damn problem! This has been happening for years. They can get away with it in Japan, but not in the U.S. You could not pay me to drive one of these cars!"

"The difference is that Toyota is acting like the American auto industry of the 1970's. Sure...Ford, GM, and Chrysler still have recalls, as well as Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai. The difference today is that while a company such as Ford may still have recalls on models they don't have to be dragged into Congress with the CEO crying his eyes out and apologizing about it to get it fixed."

AUTO RECALL PHOTO GALLERY: 2005-2010 Toyota Avalon

"I have a 1998 and 2004 Corolla and between my immediate family and in-laws there over a dozen Toyotas in our family and we've never had a problem with any of our vehicles. I'm pretty peed off at Toyota for taking so long to respond to this problem. But in no way do I think it's dangerous to drive their cars. In fact, if I needed another car I would go back to Toyota and hope all this hoopla would give me a better deal. This sudden acceleration problem is a big deal, but once they get this fixed, Toyotas still beat out a GM or Ford car in terms of reliability, any day. I have friends and family members who still buy American, but slowly they switch over to a foreign car because their Ford or GM car always clunkers out on them within 5 years!"

"Despite all the bad press, people remain loyal to the Toyota brand. Even people who were wary of Toyota would still pick it over any US brand. Just goes to show how investing in a strong brand and delivering a strong product gives you some protection from disaster."

"Today's vehicles are extremely complex and recalls will be a way of life for all automakers. But what makes Toyota unique in this instance is their behavior of trying to hide a real safety issue for years. And they still have not come to grips with the fact that they have a real problem and they have no clue how to fix it. The recent incident of a 2008 Prius accelerating out of control in San Diego to 94 mph is another instance of TM not acknowledging a legitimate issue. Consumers who continue to purchase Toyotas before the safety issues are resolved are playing Russian roulette with their and their families' lives."

"I have been a Ford owner most of my 70-year old life. I also have had acceleration problems; almost as bad as Toyota's. My Buick did too. Just shift to neutral and it will go away. Jeez, people. Stop whining and learn to drive. Nothing in this world is perfect, except maybe you!"

"Toyota did such a horrible job in front of Congress that litigation lawyers are going to have a field day....its arrogance and lack of humility will lead to great depositions."

AUTO RECALL PHOTO GALLERY: 2007-2010 Toyota Camry

"Toyota and others knew they were having issues and attempted to hide it. All car companies should have came forward with full disclosures of which cars were dangerous, instead of waiting for a huge media blitz and tons of public pressure. I've never seen so many car companies GM - Nissan - Toyota - Hyundai having recalls all at the same time."

"Is the question about recalls or Toyota trying to cover up problems by buying off the National Transportation Safety Board and U.S. government to protect its reputation?"

"The significance of the Toyota story is that this defect has been occurring for years before Toyota seemed to take it seriously, and they still have not even acknowledged that there is the possibility of electronic throttle issues."

"Today I traded my 2008 Prius for a 2010 Honda Insight, the only vehicle offering many of Prius's features. Prior to this I contacted, several times, my previously trusted longtime Toyota dealer, as well as other Toyota dealers, asking for advice on possible safety issues pertaining to my 2008 Prius (the third Toyota I have purchased). I never got a straight answer from any of them. Either they are just as confused as the public or they are very good at obfuscating.

Further, when I asked for a price on a new 2010 Prius and a trade-in value for my 2008, I was given what I believe is a high purchase price and a very low trade-in amount. So much for treating a loyal Toyota customer fairly. It appears that Toyota and its many Prius customers are going to pay a heavy price for Toyota's reluctance to put customer safety before bottom-line profits.

I loved my Prius. But I am sadly convinced that other Prius owners like myself are going to find their cars now have little, if any, value. When a Toyota dealer doesn't even want a Prius bad enough to offer a decent trade-in value, who will?"

"Just fix the cars Toyota and quit making excuses."

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York


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