NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The Federal Reserve once again announced on Tuesday that it will hold interest rates low, a move Jim Cramer said he supports on Tuesday's Stop Trading! segment on CNBC.

During the Stop Trading! segment, Cramer said the Fed will keep interest rates low until people start getting hired.

" Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is smarter and more rigorous than the bears think," Cramer said. "He is a great student of history. He remembers '28-'29 when they did the wrong thing.... There are other Feds that folded in the face of deflation and those are the Feds that we look back on and say 'what were they thinking'."

"There are historical examples where people wanted the Fed to get tough and it turned into a disaster," Cramer continued.

But Bernanke used the word "depressed" to describe the housing market. Cramer said Bernanke is very mindful, and that by using the word "depressed" he signaled that the Fed won't bring mortgage rates up to 6% or 7%. "He won't wreck the housing market like that. There are so many more houses than we need."

So how do you play the current market? "If you think healthcare is stalled; in gridlock ... buy everything," Cramer said.

But there is also no harm in waiting it out since there are plenty of opportunities out there, Cramer said. In a busy Stop Trading! on a busy day in the markets, Cramer noted that retail and railroads, for example, are breaking out, making it both an industrial and consumer market.

One of the other winners, according to Cramer, is Ford ( F - Get Report) and Ford preferred stock.

In the technology sector, Intel's ( INTC - Get Report) breakout is significant. Cramer owns Intel for his Charitable Trust.

There are also some better-than-expected tech earnings, Cramer notes, and, in addition, Apple's ( AAPL - Get Report) iPad will be in stores in another couple of weeks. Cramer owns Apple for his Charitable Trust.

On the energy front, Cramer noted that Consol Energy ( CNX - Get Report) announced it will purchase gas company Dominion Resources on Monday. The move, Cramer said, will take out some of the risk of its coal business.

And as for the pending financial regulation, Cramer said there will be some things in U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd's proposed bill that will survive, and that the most important will be the listing of credit default swaps.

This will be great for the New York Stock Exchange ( NYX), since there is plenty of money in credit default swap listings and it will be a great business for them, Cramer said.

Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan ( JPM - Get Report) confirmed on Tuesday a 20 cents annual dividend -- a move that Cramer approved of. " CEO Jamie Dimon is a good boy," Cramer said. "He isn't going to go bust things up and do a dividend when the government doesn't want him to."

Cramer said J.P. Morgan, which he owns for his Charitable Trust, is the cheapest and best in the banking sector.

"Wal-Mart has been expanding their banks forever," Cramer said, regarding the discounter's announcement to add MoneyCenters in 500 additional stores.

Cramer finished his segment by noting that Wal-Mart is a play on card-check not going through, but he doesn't think card-check is dead.

-- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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