National Energy Services Co. (OTCBB: NEGS) acquired the rights to manufacture and sell/install a patent pending building panel in Central and South America. These structurally insulated panels are one of the most well suited products for use in component building systems in Central America where the moisture, winds and weather play an important role in dictating the type of building material to be used. We expect to do other expansion of our subsidiary's product line in the region making this acquisition a potential for a one source solution to building and electrical needs.

As announced last week, our subsidiary Applied Concepts for Energy Corp. will begin installing micro-turbine electrical units in June 2010. The Company has sold an initial 300 customers installations of these micro-turbines which sell for $28,000 each making the revenue a minimum of $8,400,000 from these initial installations. The installations may also include new HVAC, water heater and other utility related systems. The maximum full configuration is $45,000 per residential installation. We anticipate a minimum of 12% profit from the turbine sales alone with higher profit margins on ancillary equipment and installation. Currently we are delayed by the manufacturer’s backlog; we expect delivery of our first systems in mid-June. Our goal is to install 500 units by the end of our fiscal year October 31, 2010 and a total of 2,000 units in our inaugural year selling this product.

The homeowner’s motivation for installing these systems is the reduction of their utility costs to $35 per month and having no direct cost for the micro-turbine. They do however have to pay for the ancillary systems they purchase. The micro-turbines are owned by New World Energy who sells the excess power generated to the local utility company which gives them cost recovery for the micro-turbine in approximately 18 months.

About Us: National Energy Services Company, Inc. (NEGS.OB) and its subsidiary Applied Concepts For Energy Corp., is a publicly traded company located in the USA. The company's current focus includes various alternative energy production models to which we provide construction management services and will be the primary operator of the site's post construction, either of the whole project or in some locations limited to the waste to energy facilities. The alternative energy methods of production include waste to energy, farming of green algae and bio-mass and bio-fuels production. Our subsidiary has developed retail and installation program for micro-turbines in Southern California that reduce the users cost approximately 85%. For more information, visit or review our corporate fact sheet at

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