Voxware, Inc. (Nasdaq: VOXW), a leading supplier of voice picking software for warehousing operations, announced support for the IBM WebSphere application server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. A major US retailer has chosen this technology stack for the rollout of their Voxware 3 voice picking solution.

“Voice vendors traditionally offered few if any choices in system software needed to operate their solutions,” said Scott Yetter, Voxware CEO. “Most companies have been moving toward thin client, loosely-coupled applications deployed on true enterprise platforms because they are easier to scale, manage, and support. Yet many voice solutions are fat client, tightly-coupled applications that don’t fit easily into a modern IT technology stack.

“Today’s announcement reflects Voxware’s commitment to modernize voice in the warehouse by supporting the kind of technology options that today’s enterprise IT organizations have integrated into their operational standards.”

Pricing for IBM WebSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Linux support is available from Voxware. Contact Voxware for details on specific release versions supported.

WebSphere is a trademark of IBM. LINUX is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. RED HAT® is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc.

About Voxware

Voxware, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOXW), provides voice picking software products that optimize the full spectrum of warehouse operations for greater accuracy, productivity and flexibility in supply chain execution. Voxware’s corporate headquarters are in Hamilton, New Jersey, with operating offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, and France. Additional information can be obtained at www.voxware.com .

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