Dr. John G. Kalogeris, Chief Executive Officer of National Energy Services Company, Inc. (OTCBB: NEGS), announces the agreement to act as the retail sales arm of New World Energy Systems. The company is expanding its services to sell and install micro-turbines in California and the Southwestern United States to residential and commercial structures. The project has several qualified applicants for the initial installations by the Company.

The installations consist of a micro-turbine power generator powered by natural gas with only one moving part. The homeowner will see their power bill reduced to $35 per month. The installations range from $28,000 to $45,000 depending on the products installed, which can include the micro-turbine, a new high-efficiency HVAC unit, water systems and water heaters. The excess power from each installation is sold through the grid to the local power company with New World Energy Systems receiving the benefit. A typical example shows the power companies returning approximately $19,000 per year per installation at current rates in Southern California. The Company expects to have the first 300 installations completed in the early fall of 2010, after beginning installations in late June.

"Our goal is to install at 2,000 sites in our first year and expand that market substantially each year thereafter. These systems are not new to the market and we have other opportunities for partnerships that will increase our sales but not our costs for marketing. These systems reduce the average homeowner’s power bill by 80% in most instances and are being sought after by large numbers of prospective buyers. The first 300 units in sales come from New World's marketing program through its affiliates at home shows, alternative energy forums and through mass marketing," Dr. Kalogeris commented.

We are currently negotiating for participation in the power company sales portion of this endeavor which would expand our revenues with limited cost.

We expect to announce our additional projects and business developments in March and April 2010.

About Us: National Energy Services Company, Inc. (NEGS.OB) and its subsidiary Applied Concepts For Energy Corp., is a publicly traded company located in the USA. The company's current focus includes various alternative energy production models to which we provide construction management services and will be the primary operator of the site's post construction, either of the whole project or in some locations limited to the waste to energy facilities. The alternative energy methods of production include waste to energy, farming of green algae and bio-mass and bio-fuels production. The Company has contracted to provide construction management for a solar/thermal installation in Southern California, where we await the owner's funding for the project to commence. For more information, visit www.negs.biz or review our corporate fact sheet at http://greenstocksrock.com/images/company_links/negs.pdf.

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