Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFFX) today announced the launch of the GeneAtlas™ System, a complete, personal solution for processing Affymetrix arrays and characterizing changes in gene expression in a variety of research applications.

By combining Affymetrix’ market-leading gene expression technology with the simplest workflow available and an unprecedented price, the GeneAtlas System extends the power of whole-genome microarray analysis to researchers who are constrained by budget or intimidated by the complexity of microarray systems.

"The GeneAtlas System gives life science researchers like me an independence we did not have before,” said Steve White, PhD, technical director of the Professional Science Master of Biotechnology Program at San Jose State University and one of the first scientists to use the GeneAtlas System. “It took us less than two hours to install and required no tools or engineers to help. That speed and ease of use continues with experiments, which can be initiated in less than five minutes. On top of that, the size of the system enables my scientists to do their work even in our small lab."

The system, which is available immediately, includes all required instrumentation, training materials, and easy-to-use data analysis programs that provide biologically relevant results. It’s designed to meet the needs of researchers with no microarray experience, as well as low- to medium-throughput service laboratories, educational laboratories, and emerging markets.

“We see opportunities to develop the microarray gene expression market by making it more accessible to new users,” said Greg Fisher, associate director of product marketing, systems and software, at Affymetrix. “We have bundled everything a researcher needs in one complete, affordable system.”

The GeneAtlas System utilizes a convenient new array strip format that enables researchers to interrogate four distinct samples simultaneously. Array strips are now available in options that provide comprehensive coverage of the transcribed human, mouse, or rat genomes for expression profiling. The array strip is also available for custom array designs through the MyGeneChip™ Custom Array Program. Additional arrays and applications will be introduced in the future.

“The GeneAtlas System eliminates workflow, data analysis, and cost barriers to performing whole-genome analysis,” said Kevin King, president and CEO of Affymetrix. “Affymetrix is providing a new generation of life science researchers with a system that offers uncompromised performance.”

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About Affymetrix

Affymetrix technology is used by the world’s top pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotechnology companies, as well as leading academic, government, and nonprofit research institutes. More than 1,800 systems have been shipped around the world and more than 20,000 peer-reviewed papers have been published using the technology.

Affymetrix is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and has manufacturing facilities in Cleveland, Ohio, and Singapore. The company has about 1,100 employees worldwide and maintains sales and distribution operations across Europe and Asia. For more information about Affymetrix, please visit

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